Advantages of Concrete Counter Tops

Do you want to install concrete counter tops? Concrete counter tops are growing in popularity. That’s because of new techniques such as staining and colorizing. These methods enhance concrete counter tops appeal as they are eye-catching. In this guide, we at advantages of these counter tops.
They Are:
• Stained or pigmented concrete counter tops are very appealing to the eyes. That’s because of their appearance. By using color pigment, you can achieve any shade that you prefer.
• A technique such as staining enables you to imitate granite, or natural stone looks. Texturing techniques allow you to make them unique and beautiful.
• Concrete counter tops can be embedded with tile, glass, stone and shells to create tops that are durable and functional. However, you should look for a skilled installer to carry out this work.
• Concrete is tough and hard, its therefore, suitable for high traffics areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. That’s because it’s heat resistant and cannot scratch easily.
These qualities make it ideal for these two regions that have sharp and hot items.
What to Look Out For
• You should ask for quotes when hiring companies that specialize in putting up these concrete counter tops. That’s because estimates can cost up to $75-$150 per square foot. That quotation also rises when you ask for elaborate designs.
• They also require regular maintenance. You must seal them every 1-3 years to avoid staining. These stains are the result of juice, coffee, wine or oil drops.
Deciding whether to install concrete counter tops should be easy using the above guide. You should choose staining techniques and looks that suit your style and budget needs. Remember to ask about installation and maintenance quotes from the installing companies.